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Comet 252P/Linear Double Flyby

22nd March 2016 CometWatch Admin 0

After Comet 252P Linear’s Closest approach on Monday, its much fainter companion is making an even closer encounter with Earth on Tuesday 22nd. Discovered much more recently than its bigger brother, 2016 BA14 will flyby at a distance of just 9 lunar distances, or 2.1 million miles. This makes it the second closest approach of any comet in history (the last being this close was way back in 1770). [Read more…]

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Halloween Asteroid Flyby

26th October 2015 mattc_uk 0

VISIT LIVE WEBCAST PAGE Discovery, Size and Speed Asteroid 2015 TB145 was first discovered on 10 October 2015 by the Pan-STARRS survey system. The object […]

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Comet Tenagra in Outburst

29th May 2015 mattc_uk 0

Discovered in February 2013, a distant Comet has been observed brightening significantly throughout the last few months. Comet Tenagra (2013 C2) should normally be around […]

No Image Launched!

8th April 2015 mattc_uk 0

Welcome to our brand new website dedicated to all things comet! is designed to be a pleasing, user-friendly website allowing visitors to quickly find […]