Comet 46P Wiranen - Michael Jager - 01 December

Comet Wirtanen visible now!

6th December 2018 CometWatch Admin 2

Long awaited naked eye comet 46P/Wirtanen has finally reached a respectable altitude and brightness. At the time of writing the comet resides in the constellation of Eridanus at a magnitude of 4.5 (approx.) with a short tail approximately 8 arcmins in length and elongated coma.

Bright Comets of 2019

Bright Comets of 2019

4th December 2018 CometWatch Admin 0

Comet 46P/Wirtanen 2019 starts off with a pleasing visitor from 2018, namely comet 46P/Wirtanen which reached perihelion, closest approach (and naked eye visibility) in December. […]

Comet Machholz DM001

New Comet C/2018 V1 discovered by Don Machholz

11th November 2018 CometWatch Admin 1

American amateur astronomer Don Machholz has discovered his 12th comet in the early hours of November 07, 2018. Currently designated DM001, the comet is yet to be assigned to his name given that some Japanese astronomers discovered the comet at roughly the same time. Machholz wrote on his Twitter account..